cardboard boat race competition

Students Sail Ahead

Aim: 30 minute planning time to decide how we will build our boat that can get 2 volunteers around a 200 metre course in Plymouth harbour.

Equipment: Four willing volunteers , 2 sheets of cardboard, 3 rolls of tape, 11 cardboard tubes, 100 ml of quick-drying varnish and a tool kit.

Method: Build a ‘raft like’ structure, make 2 oars and try to make it as waterproof as possible.

Result: Course completed in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. Evidence: photo.

Evaluation: The weather was kind and the sun shone. Thirty teams entered the boat race organised and sponsored by the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Many boats sank, capsized and were abandoned, but not Sir John Hunt ‘ Water Hunters’. We nailed it!

Well done to Romeo Dunn, Joseph May, Jordan Plumb and Charlie Shepherd. There was fantastic support from staff and parents who came to cheer us on.

The students made it look so easy that the parents have decided that they want to join the fun and are going to enter a team next year to challenge the students. Possibly a staff team as well?

Thank you to Miss Richards for her organisation, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Mrs Bevan
(Vice Principal)