Learning Gateway

6 steps to getting started on the learning gateway:

  • At the bottom of the 'home page' you will see the words SIMS Learning Gateway. A picture of this is shown below.

    Sims learning gateway logo
    (There is also a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to the log on box.)


  • Left click on these words and a small window for your username and password will appear. This is shown below (note: the box may look different depending on which browser you use).

    Learning gateway log-on image


  • Enter your username and password you were provided on review day into the boxes in the window. For security purposes you should not tick the 'Remember my credentials' box.


  • You will be directed to a page where you need to change your original password for a new one. This will need a capital letter, punctuation mark and a number. Click on the link when you have finished.


  • The website should now load. On the top left are rolling headlines about your child(ren). Their attendance information is on the top right. Events involving your child will appear along the strip in the middle. At the bottom are links to detailed student information about attendance, praise, behaviour, timetable and more. To access this you click on 'Student records'. Reports are found under the 'view reports' link. You will need to click on the appropriate academic year. The final link is 'data collection sheet'. This is where you can notify us of any changes such as addresses, telephone numbers, medical information etc.


  • So that you can access your account if you forget your password please click the My Account Page link on the Navigation Bar to display the My Account page. Here enter a security question and answer. Please check you have an email address entered here.


Please don't forget to log out when you have finished so that you keep your child information secure.


Sims Learning Gateway