Welcome to Key Stage 3 at Sir John Hunt Community Sports College

Students follow a two year Key Stage 3. The curriculum has been designed to ensure that they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their potential throughout their time at Sir John Hunt. However, whilst there is a clear focus on academic achievement, we also work with our students to support their social and emotional development through our 'Respect' agenda.

Each student also receives an extra literacy lesson throughout Key Stage 3, with a clear focus on developing and consolidating basic skills in reading and writing, in preparation for the challenges in Key Stage 4. Students are set targets based upon their Key Stage 2 scores (in English and mathematics) and their CAT test scores (in all other non-core subjects). Targets for science are calculated using an average of the Key Stage 2 English and mathematics scores. Progress is reviewed on a termly basis and this informs our intervention and support programmes.

The core subjects also carry out baseline assessments in the first term of Year 7 to inform teaching and learning activities and to ensure that the curriculum meets the individual needs of students.

For further information regarding the Key Stage 3 curriculum, please contact Miss Lewis, Raising Standards Leader.