Careers Education Information and Guidance Policy

Our Vision

The Governors, Principal and Staff at Sir John Hunt are committed to delivering quality Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). CEIAG will help to develop the students' self awareness and knowledge, and skills enabling them to make decisions in response to changes in education, training and employment. The careers work and guidance programme helps the College meet its NEET target.

Our programme contributes to strategies for raising achievement through:

  • Increasing motivation and raising aspirations
  • Supporting inclusion, challenging stereotyping and promoting equality of opportunity
  • Encouraging participation in continued learning, including higher education
  • Developing enterprise and employability skills
  • Retention and recruitment onto appropriate learning pathways
  • Contributing to the economic prosperity of individuals and communities
  • Increasing awareness of Raising Participation Age (RPA)
  • Impartial advice on opportunities available to all learners

All students should have access to relevant impartial IAG delivered through the CEIAG programme.

The programme is designed to enable students to achieve their full potential in preparation for lifelong learning and to help students recognize their skills, qualities and fulfill their ambitions.

CEIAG should enable students to make informed choices, based on accurate Local Market Information(LMI), using research skills, and recognising their personal qualities that are required in an increasingly competitive jobs market.

Staff involvement in CEIAG

All staff have access to an up–to&ndashdate CPD programme that addresses the current guidance for CEIAG, progression routes, transition stages, and qualification frameworks.


At key stages students are encouraged to make ambitious plans, challenging stereotypes that enable them to have high aspirations for their future lives. The CEIAG programme is planned, delivered, and evaluated to assess the performance outcomes.

CEIAG Delivery

CEIAG is managed by the CEIAG Coordinator, and supported by a linked member of the college's SLT. The programme is designed and written by the CEIAG Coordinator, and delivered through the pastoral programme, with subject specific activities and events throughout the year. CEIAG is delivered in conjunction with Curriculum Leaders, CPD coordinator and VLE Coordinator.

The CEIAG Programme

This is delivered on an age related basis that best meets the needs of learners, parents, and the community. Further information and resources can be found in our Careers programme document.

Careers South West

Careers South West are commissioned by Sir John Hunt to provide high quality independent services to young people. Skilled advisors work with our learners to understand their individual needs and steer them to successful progression.

Provision includes:

  • Professional guidance interviews
  • Tailored group works
  • Access to advisor for parents and carers
  • Staff CPD for CEIAG
  • External referrals
  • Support for Investor in Careers (IiC)
  • E–guidance through Passportfolio
  • Advisor online
  • Online teacher and students' LMI resources
  • Career Readiness Tool

This ensures that the college meets the statutory duties to provide impartial advice and guidance that is differentiated to meet individual needs.

Links have been developed with local employers, the University of Plymouth, University of St Mark & St John, campus partners, as well as Plymouth Learning Trust (PLT), and Partnership Learning and Education (PLE).


An evaluative framework is in place that captures student voice, feedback from parents and staff that measures the impact of the CEIAG programme.