Humanities consists of the academic disciplines: Geography, History and Philosophy and Ethics.


Geography is happening around us all the time: from choosing an area to shop or live, to looking at the effects of earthquakes and volcanoes that change people’s lives every year. Geography offers a broad knowledge of the world around you.

At KS3 students will study a range of topics that look at both human and physical geography. These include improving their basic geography skills, looking at why the world experiences natural disasters, to how the world is divided between the rich and the poor. It gives students the opportunity to ask questions and make conscious decisions about how they act as global citizens.

This theme is carried on into KS4 if students choose to take Geography at GCSE. Geography is also a key subject at this level as it is part of the English Baccalaureate.




History studies the Human past and helps you to discover how the world we live in today has evolved and how things have come to be as they are. It helps you to understand the world around you and the society we live in.

KS3 students study History once a week. The subject has been developed for learners of all abilities so that they can work at their own pace and level. Learners can express their ideas in a variety of ways, learning to think critically, work independently and in co-operation with others.

Students who wish to continue their studies at KS4 may do so. History at KS4 offers a range of topics of interest such as the history of Medicine and Health through time and Germany 1919–1945.



Philosophy and Ethics

We live in a modern multi-cultural and multi-faith Britain. In Philosophy and Ethics students explore their own beliefs and those of the UK and beyond. They investigate, discuss and share ways in which people from different cultural or religious backgrounds are both the same and different.

Philosophy and Ethics helps our students to understand how belief affects behaviour and why people act in certain ways. This awareness helps our students to grow in maturity and to find their place in our changing society.

We aim to help our students develop respect and sensitivity towards others and we provide them with the opportunity to reflect upon the issues of today for themselves.